Upcoming Trips


March 25-April 1, 2023

An adults-only trip to Honduras to work with Gathering Hearts and our Faith Promise Partners, Gary and Cheryl Kuney. The cost is $1400 and this trip is limited to adults.


June 17-24, 2023

The annual family trip will travel to Guatemala to work with our Faith Promise Partner, Hannah Nadeau, at Escuela Integrada in Antigua. This trip is open to all ages and the cost is $1400.

Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?
A Faith Promise is a personal commitment, made in faith, for global outreach. When we make this commitment, we say, “By faith I commit to give a certain amount of money, and I trust God to enable me to fulfill this commitment.” Faith Promise money is given above and beyond a regular tithe to the church budget.
How do I make a Faith Promise?
  1. Pray and ask the Lord what he would have you give!
  2. Commit yourself by faith to give a specific amount for global mission, trusting God to provide.
  3. Look for God-sightings in your Faith Promise and share your story with others.
  4. Be faithful to give what God has provided.
Where does Faith Promise money go?
Faith Promise money is used to support our global partners and ministry partnerships, allowing us to put resources into sharing the message of Christ in our own community and around the world. It is also utilized for Volunteer In Mission teams and missionary care throughout the year. 

Our Global Partners

Our Friends | North Africa
Mathews & Rachel | India
Verghese & Hildegard | Sri Lanka
The Moses Family | India
Patrick & Melenda | Papua New Guinea
Craig & Kara | Global
Lauren & Kevin | Guatemala
Gary & Cheryl | Honduras
Hannah & Frosty | Guatemala
Jose & Audrey | Mexico
Our Friend | Central Asia
Bob & Teri | Spain
Our Friend | Middle East
Terry & Mary | USA
The Herold Family | Peru

Encourage our Global Partners

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer for our global partners and we'll make sure it gets to the right place!