Personal Training

Personal Training provides an individualized format to enable a client to reach his or her fitness and health goals. It involves the trainer assessing a client’s health and fitness status and then designing a personalized, safe, and effective training program to work toward meeting the client’s goals. Personal training can also be done with two or three participants, which allows the client to receive individual attention while working out with a friend or family member. Group personal training must be discussed with a trainer and agreed upon prior to service. Group personal training is suggested for clients who are at a similar level of fitness– final discretion is left to the trainer.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is similar to personal training in its intent but fosters a group dynamic that offers encouragement and accountability as tools toward reaching individual goals. Small group training also reduces the cost per individual, but does not provide the same level of individual focus that personal training allows.

Large Group Training

Large Group Training is another option built around a group design that utilizes encouragement and friendly competition to push individuals toward their goals. Large group training provides a community of friends to workout with, and an expert trainer as a guide. You don’t have to think about what to do when you get to the gym as your trainer will have a prepared workout for you.
So why should you hire a trainer? Trainers can provide you with motivation, accountability, guidance, assistance, and education to help you meet your fitness goals. Programs can be designed for a variety of goals including weight loss, recovery after injury, muscle development, strength gains, flexibility, and increased energy - just to name a few. A program can be individually designed for you in an efficient, healthful, and enjoyable manner. Your trainer will monitor your progress through tangible measurements and your feedback. The goal of your trainer is to help you make lifestyle changes and gain the confidence you need to workout independently.
All trainers at the YFC are certified and ready to help you make the change you desire!


Personal Training
YFC Member
  • 1 session: $40
  • 3 sessions: $111
  • 5 sessions: $175
  • 10 sessions: $330
  • 1 session: $55
  • 3 sessions: $156
  • 5 sessions: $250
  • 10 sessions: $480
Group Training
2 people
  • YFC Member: $35/person/session
  • Non-Member $50/person/session
3 people
  • YFC Member: $30/person/session
  • Non-Member: $45/person/session
Small Group Training: 4-7 people
  • YFC Members Only: $45/person/month
Large Group Training: 10-15 people
  • YFC Members Only: $40/person/month
  • All training sessions are 55 minutes in duration.
  • All fees must be paid to the trainer prior to service given.
  • If purchasing a package of sessions payment must be paid prior to service. Purchased training sessions expire 6 months from purchase date.
  • All valid paperwork and liability form must be completed prior to workouts.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged to the client. Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance may be rescheduled.

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