Global Outreach Week

April 30-May 7, 2023
Join us as we turn our full attention to global outreach and the work our partners are doing all around the world. We've got a full week of events and activities. Check them out below. 
  • Adult, Children, & Youth Sunday School
    • Hear what God is doing from our partners who are serving around the world.
  • The Chute
    • April 30-May 7 | Upper Concourse (Level 2)
    • Experience First Methodist's partnerships in a special curated environment.
  • Daniel Prayer Room (Sanctuary Building, Level 2)
    • April 30-May 26
  • Dinner with a Missionary!
    • April 30-May 7 | Various Locations
    • Have dinner with one of our global partners and hear more firsthand about the work they do. Email [email protected] to sign up.
  • Faith Promise Sunday
  • Speaker: Dr. Andrew Thompson
    • Sunday, May 7 | Learn more about making a Faith Promise below. 
  • Serve Saturday
    • Saturday, May 20 | Serve the Tulsa area together with the rest of the First Methodist family!

Upcoming Trips


June 17-24, 2023 | Family Trip

The annual family trip will travel to Guatemala to work with our Faith Promise Partner, Hannah Nadeau, at Escuela Integrada in Antigua. This trip is open to all ages and the cost is $1500. Click here to learn more about Escuela Integrada and GRACES.


July 14-22, 2023 | Youth Trip

Our Firsties Youth will also be traveling to Guatemala this summer for Field Focus, our advanced youth mission trip. Click here to learn more about Field Focus. Click here to learn more about Escuela Integrada and GRACES.

Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?
Faith Promise giving is money that is given above and beyond a tithe, specifically for outreach. When we make a Faith Promise, we ask God to provide the funds, then we spend the next year praying, watching, and waiting for God to provide. Sometimes the provision comes in large and unexpected ways, like an unexpected check in the mail. Other times it comes through small conscious decisions to adjust our lifestyle at the urging of God, which help us fulfill our commitment.
How do I make a Faith Promise?
  1. Pray. Step one is always to pray! Ask God how much he is calling you to give for Global Outreach over the next year. 
  2. Commit. It may come as a loud and clear answer, or it may come as a small whisper. When you hear an answer from God. Commit. To make your actual Faith Promise, you can use the form on this page or fill out a paper version at the GO Hub at First Methodist.
  3. Watch. Sometimes God provides the funds in a big way. Sometimes it comes in small nudges. 
  4. Give. When God does provide, give! Then tell the story. Sharing your story with others is how the impact of your giving spreads beyond just the dollar amount.
Where does Faith Promise money go?
Faith Promise money is used to support our global partners and ministry partnerships, allowing us to put resources into sharing the message of Christ in our own community and around the world. It is also utilized for Volunteer In Mission teams and missionary care throughout the year. 

Our Global Partners

Our Friends
North Africa
Mathews & Rachel
Verghese & Hildegard
Sri Lanka
The Moses Family
Our Friend
Middle East
Patrick & Melenda
Papua New Guinea
Craig & Kara
Lauren & Kevin
Gary & Cheryl
Terry & Mary
Hannah & Frosty
Jose & Audrey
Our Friend
Central Asia
Bob & Teri
The Herold Family

Escuela Integrada (Guatemala)

First Methodist has worked with the school of Escuela Integrada in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, for many years. The school and education are based on Christian values that provide excellent opportunities for the students and families to grow in knowledge, life skills, and Christian faith. First Methodist is privileged to stand alongside this ministry in many ways: financially, prayerfully, with child sponsorship, and with ongoing relationships with family and staff. 
GRACES' primary project is a school in Guatemala. Escuela Integrada de Niños Trabajadores, which means “Integrated School for the Working Children,” was started in 2003 to provide accessible education for children subjected to labor because of dire circumstances. The school serves more than 200 students in the surrounding villages of Antigua, Guatemala.
Our Mission
To provide holistic educational opportunities through physical, emotional and spiritual support for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.
Our Vision
To improve the lives of our students by overcoming generational poverty, child labor and violence and empowering them to live a life of hope, purpose, and opportunity, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Encourage our Global Partners

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer for our global partners and we'll make sure it gets to the right place!