Short-Term Missions

When you go on a mission trip, you embark on an incredible journey to watch God do some amazing things in the lives of not just the people you’re serving—but in you as well. These experiences allow you to see just how big our God really is, learn how the part we play makes a difference around the world, build relationships that will carry the Gospel, and discover that God has individually gifted you to make a difference outside the walls of the church.
In Matthew 28, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. We take this call seriously as a church, using our resources to impact as many people as we can with the love of Jesus. You can be a part of what God is doing in the world and make a difference globally! 
Curious about going on an international short-term mission trip? Great! Just fill out the form to let us know and get started.
Each person who goes on a short-term mission trip brings something unique to the team. Below, please select the areas you are most interested in. This may help shape our trips based on who is interested in going.

Our Global Partners

Our Friends
North Africa
Mathews & Rachel
Joanny & Annie
Craig & Kara
Lauren & Kevin
Gary & Cheryl
Terry & Mary
Patrick & Melenda
Papua New Guinea
Jose & Audrey
Our Friend
Central Asia
Hannah & Frosty

Faith Promise

What is Faith Promise?
Faith Promise giving is money that is given above and beyond a tithe, specifically for outreach. When we make a Faith Promise, we ask God to provide the funds, then we spend the next year praying, watching, and waiting for God to provide. Sometimes the provision comes in large and unexpected ways, like an unexpected check in the mail. Other times it comes through small conscious decisions to adjust our lifestyle at the urging of God, which help us fulfill our commitment.
How do I make a Faith Promise?
  1. Pray. Step one is always to pray! Ask God how much he is calling you to give for Global Outreach over the next year. 
  2. Commit. It may come as a loud and clear answer, or it may come as a small whisper. When you hear an answer from God. Commit. To make your actual Faith Promise, you can use the form on this page or fill out a paper version at the GO Hub at First Methodist.
  3. Watch. Sometimes God provides the funds in a big way. Sometimes it comes in small nudges. 
  4. Give. When God does provide, give! Then tell the story. Sharing your story with others is how the impact of your giving spreads beyond just the dollar amount.
Where does Faith Promise money go?
Faith Promise money is used to support our global partners and ministry partnerships, allowing us to put resources into sharing the message of Christ in our own community and around the world. It is also utilized for Volunteer In Mission teams and missionary care throughout the year. 
Make a Faith Promise