Local Outreach Initiatives

Outreach is one of our greatest calls as Christians. We are invited, by Jesus, to be his hands and feet–his love on display–to the communities around us. Sometimes outreach looks like loving one's family, sometimes it looks like showing kindness to a stranger, a lot of times it looks like walking alongside a friend, coworker, or mentee. Regardless of what outreach looks like, it is an invitation to partner with Christ in the work he wants to do in you and me and those in the community.
We are all invited to live the Isaiah 58 call to take care of those in need, fight for justice, and love compassionately. We all bring different gifts, talents, abilities and life experiences, all of which are needed in reaching out to those in need and in our communities. Would you accept the invitation and join us? 

Overcoming Job Transition

Overcoming Job Transition helps participants get resume help, networking assistance, coaching for interviews, and job board guidance. Volunteers offer their talents and abilities to help train job seekers.

Soup for the Soul

On the 4th Thursday each month, First Methodist brings and serves warm, home-cooked meals to those staying at the Tulsa Day Center. 
Click here for the Recipe Book. Click here for the Calendar.


Kairos ministers to women in prison by speaking about identity and life in Christ. Each year, our church bakes 300 dozen cookies to send as gifts during their retreat weekends. You can volunteer for the retreat or help bake.

Family Promise

Family Promise of Tulsa County provides shelter, meals, & support to homeless children and their families.

Eugene Field Elementary School

In 1994, under the leadership of Dr. Connie Cole Jeske, First Methodist Church of Tulsa began a relationship with Eugene Field Elementary School. This relationship has now seen over 25 years of love, prayer, support, encouragement for students and staff, and tangible acts of love and service.
Through much change in the school and surrounding neighborhood, one thing has remained constant and that is God’s faithfulness. God has been faithful to continually provide everything needed in the way of resources and people power. He has also been faithful to affirm his movement in the neighborhood and his call for us to pray and be available to the work he is doing in West Tulsa.

Ways to Serve at Eugene Field

One hour a week can have a big impact... 

Prayer Walk

Join us at the school to prayer walk around the campus and neighborhood.

Teacher/Staff Prayer

Pray for a teacher or staff member and send a card once a month.

Encouragement Team

Love, pray for, and support the Eugene Field teachers and staff.

Big Bucks Store

Kids earn bucks during the week and can spend them in the Big Bucks Store. You can donate gently used items.

Community Night Out

Serve at our once-a-quarter Friday night party for the neighborhood.

Honor Roll Celebrations

Help celebrate honor roll students once a quarter.

Spark Bible Kid's Club

Share the love of Jesus with kids at our Bible Kids Club on Wednesdays.

Reading Partners/Lunch Buddies

Each Reading Partner session takes 45 minutes. 

Serve at Eugene Field...

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