Life Recovery

A safe place to share experiences, strength, and hope.

Life Recovery is a fellowship of First Methodist Church and is intended to complement, not replace, other twelve-step groups. We encourage you to attend other twelve-step meetings that apply to your situation. 
Our desire is to improve the quality of our lives and relationships by looking honestly at who we are, by openly sharing with each other, and by placing ourselves in the care of God as we understand Him.
This is how it works:  
Recovery begins with a change of heart. Others may convince us we have a problem and inwardly we may agree that our lives are broken, but recovery cannot begin until we desire it with our own hearts.  For many of us this starts when we hit rock bottom, but even then we may still cling to the illusion of being in control and want to manage our own lives.
When we admit our powerlessness, and put our lives and will in God’s hands, our hearts start to heal.  As we work the 12 steps, and share honestly and openly with each other, our minds and emotions follow suit. We soon realize we couldn’t change alone. We need each other. We heal together in community.

Contact Us

If you'd like to start your journey with us, email Gary.